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STEAM Study Tour


STEAM is an innovative educational philosophy that has been well-known in the United States, China and Singapore in recent years. It combines science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. Interdisciplinary education carried out. Encourage children to apply knowledge of multiple subjects to jointly solve problems in life and learning, and enhance their competitiveness to face future challenges.

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7 Features

  • Market-leading STEAM study tour product​​

  • Rich tourism projects​

  • Cooperate with well-known education and training institutions in Singapore​

  • Intelligence and education faculty composed of PhDs in artificial​

  • Colorful student exchange activities​

  • Can be admitted to a local college​

  • Safely and reliably establish a real-time interaction with parents

City Ranger Programme

The City Ranger Project provides Chinese children with wonderful study tours and panoramic learning methods, so as to cultivate children's comprehensive abilities for the 21st century, so that Chinese young people can embrace the future with confidence

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