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Study Abroad

Our Objective

Horizontal Education specializes in studying abroad in Singapore, providing study abroad consultation, study abroad application, and language training from elementary school to graduate level. The members of the study abroad team are all graduate students from the National University of Singapore and have a deep understanding of Singapore education. We can provide highly feasible and customized solutions for overseas students so that you can experience and understand Singapore's life and study in advance so that you can integrate into Singapore more quickly.

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Education Services

• Professional College Consultation

• Language Training (IELTS, TOEFL)

• Customized Study abroad Plan

• Paper Preparation for Application 

• Study Abroad Application

     - Primary School

     - High School 

     - Diploma

     - Bachelor 

     - Master 

• Scholarship Application

• Application for a Health Certificate for visa

Ready for School

Study in Singapore 

We have lots of various school option for you to choose from primary school to university. Whatever the Level is, you can always find a dream school in H Education. We have first hand sources to connect you and school, help you to get on-board as soonest as we can. At the same time, H Education has corporate local English Study Centre to provide professional lessons for English examination.


Please do feel free to contact us if any inquiries is required. 


Feel free to consult us for a perfect customised plan for your shining future in Singapore.


No worry about how to apply for dream school, we will help you to do it from beginning to end. 


Free feel to study all subjects in any local school, provide online or offline course in famous university.


For visa/pass issue, we will guide you to apply and remind all important time for events about application.

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Language Training

How to make study in Singapore easily at the beginning?


Firstly, you need to learn how to speak, listen and write English. Do not worry about any language examination before getting on board, H Education has our language partner ( UNITED LISEN EDUCATION) to provide you professional courses with local teams over 10+ teaching experience. 

For more information, please contact us to get brochure for your future journey of English learning. 


School Choices

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